Dream Dinners Made For You Pick Up

By Stephanie Burton, Macaroni Kid Riverside Publisher April 11, 2020

I picked up my April Made for You order from Dream Dinners on Friday, and I am so excited for dinner for the rest of April! We are typically an on the go family, so there are a couple nights a week we are eating out or eating leftovers for dinner. Right now I'm cooking dinner every night (plus breakfast and lunch) and I am burnt out! Honestly, it's really nice that we are able to all eat together as a family, at the dinner table every night....I'm just over the prep and dishes and creativity that comes with that! Dream Dinners meals are prepped for you, with printed instructions in each bag for your meal. I ordered 6 meals which I'll probably use over 3 weeks, 2 meals a week. Easing a little bit of my prep time and dishes, but not compromising on the quality of my meals!

Ordering is easy!

   Go to the Dream Dinners website   

  Choose Made For You   

  Pick your meals   

  Choose a pick up appointment time slot  

Pick up is simple too! 

  Enjoy your drive!   

  Park and take your ice chest or tote up to the door   

  Give your name and they'll bring out your order   

   Transfer your meals into your bag   

  Enjoy your drive back home     

We've been on a Stay at Home order for a while now so a simple drive into Redlands was really nice for me and my girls. They played iSpy on the drive and really took in the scenery instead of burying their heads in the iPad, it was a nice change of pace! I have a few tips to share for pick up. First, remember your ice chest or bag to take your meals home in. I used my Sam's Club insulated bag for 6 large meals and it was a perfect fit. Don't forget your face mask or bandana, both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties have orders to have face coverings when you are leaving your house. The Dream Dinners team was wearing masks and gloves to keep everyone as safe and free from germs as possible ;) I personally have been cleaning anything coming into my house so I took Lysol wipes and wiped down each bag before putting it into my freezer. During my pick up there was another client at the door for their pick up, so I chose to wait until they were back at their car before I went up for my order. Take advantage of extras that they have in their freezer when you pick up your order. You can add on some desserts, sides, sometimes extra meals, and breakfasts. 

Macaroni Kid Riverside subscribers who are new to Dream Dinners can also take advantage of a special promotion. You are entitled to $30 off Friends and Family discount. Use the code, "FAMILY" at checkout. This code is valid for new guests who order full standard orders (12 medium dinners, 6 large dinners, or a mix of the two.)