Art Connects by Riverside County of Education

2020 Virtual Student Arts Competition

By Stephanie Burton, Macaroni Kid Riverside Publisher and Editor March 27, 2020

Riverside County of Education is really looking out for our students in all of these changes and uncertainties! There are kids that look forward to their school art galleries, plays, concerts, and talent shows that don't have access to those creative outlets right now. In order to keep the students creatively motivated and give them a platform to share RCOE has created a 6 week long visual arts digital contest for Riverside County students. They can participate if they are district, charter, private, parochial, or home-school students grades TK-12, as long as their school is based in Riverside County. Each week will highlight a different art form and theme. Week 3 (April 8-14) the art form is Dance, and the theme is "Expressions of Kindness." Looking ahead, week 4 (April 15-21) the art form is Theater, and the theme is "Expressions of Persistence." Could these be any more fitting right now?! There will be 4 grade level groups (TK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12) each group will have three winners; 1st place $75 gift card and a plaque, 2nd place $50 gift card, 3rd place $25 gift card, all three will also be awarded a certificate of participation. Have your kids participate, and after you've submitted your entry share it on social media with the hashtag #ArtConnectsRivCo so we can all go on a little art gallery tour of Riverside County! 

You can find all the details on RCOE's Art Connects website