Navigating Our New Normal

Finding the Silver Linings of Self Quarantine

By Stephanie Burton, Macaroni Kid Riverside Publisher March 21, 2020

The wild ride that is our life right now has had me feeling a little incomplete and frazzled this week. I'm used to having a lot going on, but each task had it's own space and it's own time. I am the person that thrives on preparation and schedules. On any given day you will find a few hand written lists in my purse of tasks for the day, my paper planner is by best friend! I'm usually coming and going all day long; errands, playdates, school events, field trips, dance classes.

Right now I'm home 24/7 with my kids, husband, and dog. We all have work to do, chores to finish, and projects to start. The tasks are the same as they were before, but now it's all in the same space. The living room is an office, library, dance studio, and play place. The beginning of the week started fine, we all had schedules and we were busy figuring out what this new normal was going to look like. By the end of the week I noticed I was so drained though! I didn't know why at first. We had been home all week, I wasn't running to school and dance. I had actually gain a good 20 hours a week, so why did I feel like I lost more time?! Well, I was so busy keeping everyone on task, the meals made and cleaned up, and trying to keep up with every change being made in the city, county, state, nation, and world that I hadn't stopped. I was emotionally exhausted! 

Even after everything I had done all week my house was still a mess, my Macaroni calendar still needs some serious TLC, and I felt like I hadn't moved forward at all. Thursday night I realized that the one thing I usually have that keeps me sane and lets me regroup is a silent moment. So the kids stayed up watching TV with their dad extra late and I took a shower, by myself, in silence. It was just enough time for me to process, regroup, and see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Although there is so much uncertainty right now one thing is for sure...I am always saying there isn't enough time! Well, I've been given all the time in the world and I've decided I'm going to take advantage of it. I'm going to read the books, play with the barbies, sing the songs, make the messes, and soak up the extra minutes with my sweet family. I cannot control the world. What I can control is my outlook on my day, how I spend this gift of time with my family, and by choosing to savor the silent moments I do find. 

Stay safe friends. Let's all do our part. Find the silver lining and be the calm your kiddos need.